When was patch 6.05 released in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker?

Final Fantasy XIV fans are eagerly awaiting the next big update, patch 6.05, which was delayed along with the expansion last month.

For those who have finished Endwalkermain scenario and looking for more, patch 6.05 will introduce the first part The Expansion’s Brutal Attacks includes the first four circles of Pandaemonium — whose Normal version is Released earlier this week.

It will also bring the new treasure hunt dungeon, Excitatron 6000, as well as Pandaemonium weapons that can be traded for Discal tomestones.

Players will have to wait a few more weeks to buy plots in the new Ishgardian neighborhood using the new lottery system, as well as test the upcoming PvP mode, all of which are planned to be introduced in the patch. 6.1.

When will patch 6.05 release in FFXIV‘S Endwalker?

Patch 6.05 is expected to be introduced FFXIVthe server is up on Jan 4, 2022.

While the servers encountered the following technical problems Endwalkerwas released earlier in December and adds a significant amount of work for developers to implement the fixes, Square Enix says the patch is still available. is scheduled for its first release date.

Maintenance hours on the live servers — before the patch is introduced — will likely be revealed by Square Enix at a later date.

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