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Master Chief fans have been waiting for months while 343 Industries wraps up production of the premiere version of the Halo Infinite and get the game out the door. The sequel to Halo 5: Guardian to be originally scheduled during the 2020 holiday season, but after a series of delays, it’s finally out now, in early December 2021.

Halo Infinite boasts a larger map than any previous game in the franchise, and a long list of side quests and optional activities that can keep players busy in solo or multiplayer modes. co-op (when it launches next year) for hours outside of the game’s main campaign (which clocks in at fairly typical Halo lengths). The new Halo round has a map that seems ripe for post-launch content and it will be interesting to see how this title evolves over the next year.


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For the core campaign experience, Halo Infinite definitely manages to breathe new life into the franchise with its unique combination of linear missions and Many optional side quests to explore in the semi-open world along the way. Nearly all of the game’s optional quests and objectives can be resolved in between story missions or after all of them have been completed. This allows players to power through the main story as quickly as they want (maybe around eight to ten hours for the average player on Easy or Normal difficulty) or stretch the experience and try completed almost 100% complete before entering the final story mission. The side quests give the Sheriff a chance to regain parts of the ring that the Expelled Ones control and pave the way for the UNSC to regain their place in the war they’ve lost for months.

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