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Lululemon Athletica is on the hot seat.

Animal rights activist group PETA – own shares of Lululemon – filed a shareholder settlement request Wednesday for sports garment and accessory the retailer’s board, asking Lululemon to disclose information on how Lululemon traced its origins, which was used in some Lululemon coats.

PETA said shareholders have a right to know if Lululemon’s practices are “inconsistent” with their animal welfare policy, and if so, the company plans to reduce its impact on animals such as how.

“Lululemon is selling coats filled with the feathers of brutally killed birds that betray the yogic principles of ahimsa, or nonviolence, which it shoots into its shopping bag,” said Tracy Reiman, vice president. PETA’s executive chairman, said in a statement. “The PETA resolution will demonstrate to Lululemon that it is misleading its customers about the suffering and death of animals in its supply chain.”

The retailer did not respond to a request for comment. But Lululemon says on its website that it is “committed to maintaining strong animal welfare practices by working with our suppliers to fully view the sources of fundamental information.” our version.

“We require that animals in our supply chain be treated humanely and with respect,” the Lululemon website states. “We do not use waste that comes from birds that have been plucked or force-fed. We work to ensure the traceability of our entire supply chain by following an industry best practice known as Responsible Standards. The goal of the RDS is to protect and improve the welfare of ducks and geese that provide down and feathers. Following the RDS ensures that our downhill comes from geese that have been treated humanely. ”

Additionally, in Lululemon’s 2020 Impact Program, which outlines the retailer’s years of social and environmental efforts, the company says, “all of our ingredients are 100% animal-derived. I will be traceable or certified in accordance with our Animal Derived Materials Policy by 2025 As of 2016, 100% of our stock has been fully traced and is certified to meet the Responsible Reduction Standard. We are working towards wool that is responsibly sourced, traceable and preferably certified by a third party, such as the Responsible Wool Standard. We will continue to increase visibility and transparency for the rest of our supply chain. ”

PETA countered, claiming that “all the birds used for final knockdowns are in slaughterhouses, where they are often hung upside down, they are electrocuted, their throats slashed, and their bodies toppled over. into scaly water for hair removal.

“More and more consumers are prioritizing corporate transparency and cruelty free fashion,” PETA said in its resolution. “Lululemon’s consumer base expects our company to uphold the values, such as fairness and honesty, featured on its website. As such, our shareholders deserve full disclosure of the slaughter methods used for collection in order to assess whether they are consistent with our claims and humanitarian values. our company or not. ”

Lululemon uses goose feathers as insulation in some jacket partnered with supplier Downlite because it has a “higher warmth-to-weight ratio than other materials used for insulation,” according to Lululemon’s website. “This means warmer with less mass, making it a great high-performance material for layered activities and sweats.”

Downlite also collaborates with Ralph Lauren, Patagonia, Canadian Goose, Vuori, Banana Republic and The North Face, among others, according to the company’s website. PETA Asks Lululemon About Slaughterhouse Practices – WWD

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