Guide El Camino Expedition – Battle with Sand Worm Boss and Bugs

One of the most notorious quests in Icarus called El Camino Expedition (unlocked after finishing Incursion Scan). It requires you to fight a giant enemy to progress. However, as quoted in official review, the game was plagued by numerous bugs and technical problems. The problems that you may encounter here can lead to headaches. In any case, this is Icarus guide to help you with the El Camino Expedition and the fight with the Giant Sandworm boss.

Note: For more information, see Icarus guide and central feature.

Icarus: El Camino Expedition Guide – Collapsed Sites and the Battle of the Giant Sandworm Boss

El Camino Expedition in Icarus takes you from the forest biome in the north (B3) to the desert further south. You can see the map and attractions below:

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Our goal is to visit the three crash sites in order. You can check the boxes on each site to select a device number. Here are the locations:

  • Accident location #1 – Southeast corner of B4 in grassy area between rivers. You will find a damaged Longbow and 20x Flint Arrows.
  • Collapse Site #2 – The southern part of D7 in the middle of the forest. You will find 2x Anti-Poison Stickers.
  • Crash Site #3 – There is debris in front of a large rock wall in the southeast portion of C10. You will find a box containing 10x Fire Arrows and 5x Health Recovery Stickers.

Note: Before you approach Crash Site #3, make sure you’re well prepared. You can either repair the Longbow or craft one more, as well as additional arrows just in case. You should also build a small shelter nearby, and it must have a spawn point.

Fighting Sand Worm and Possible Bugs

As soon as you reach the shard in C10, the giant Sand Worm boss in Icarus will appear. It has some notable attacks:

  • Poison Spit – Creature will spew green spheres that will poison you. You can use Anti-Poison Patch, which has a 50% chance of nullifying the effect. Likewise, it will slightly boost your health recovery.
  • Ground Strike – When the Sand Worm raises its head, it will dash towards your location and deal massive damage. This will probably kill you if you are in poor health, so try to avoid it.
  • Digging – The boss will periodically dig underground burrows and reappear. This is indicated by the slight tremors seen on the dunes.

You can snipe the Sand Worm with your bow. Shooting it whenever its mouth opens will deal severe damage. Furthermore, if you can dodge its Ground Strike, it will be temporarily immobilized, allowing you to stab and slash it with a melee weapon.

You won’t be able to kill it during the El Camino Expedition in Icarus. Instead, it will exit after taking a lot of damage. It will emerge after a while and crash into the large stone wall. This completes the tally that requires you to “move the creature.”

Sadly, you may also run into errors. Here are some examples:

  • Sandworms can burrow and not reappear. If this happens, it means its script is broken. Running around will do nothing and you will have to start the quest again.
  • If the Sand Worm has taken enough damage, it can escape without destroying the stone wall. Assuming you’ve completed the goal of “manipulating creatures”, you can get close to the stone wall. Press the Escape key and select Do not install. This teleports you behind the obstacle. However, if this error occurs and the goal of “manipulating the creature” is still not fulfilled, then you may be in luck.

In any case, let’s say you’ve completed the goal and you’re behind a rock wall. Look in front of you and you will see the final destination. Check it out to complete this section.

Return to the dropship to complete the El Camino Expedition in Icarus. You will get 250 gold coins for your efforts.

Icarus available through Sauna. For more information, see guide and central feature. Guide El Camino Expedition – Battle with Sand Worm Boss and Bugs

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