Fortnite Adds Boba Fett on Christmas Eve

Next Star Wars intersect in Fortnite was announced over a month ago but it looks like it’s finally coming to fruition. was previously teased to arrive around December, Boba Fett will come in battle royale on December 24th.

When Boba Fett came Fortnite on Christmas Eve he will be the newest Star Wars Bounty hunter to get cross treatment. Season 5 of the game saw several other characters from that franchise including The Mandalorian and his young Jedi curator, adorable creature called Baby Yoda.


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When Boba Fett landed on FortniteIsland of is hardly a coincidence. Like several other crossovers that have been in the game for years, the addition serves a number of different purposes. Of course, there is the possibility of adding the skin of one of the most famous characters in the Star Wars universe to the player’s portfolio. There is also the possibility of promoting the character right before the launch of his own Disney Plus series.

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