Embers Adrift read the first trailer and got a brand new sneak peek

Embers Adrift, Stormhaven Studios’ indie MMORPG, is about to release its first trailer on January 1, with a preview of what’s to come as development moves into 2022. After releasing a short trailer last week, there is now a second short for additional previews.

Developed on Embers Adrift continue after a year bring many changes, some system improvements and more changes to come together. Development of the original game started back in 2014 as Lucimia’s Saga by a team of 11 MMORPG enthusiasts and their potential for both gameplay and social elements. Their focus is on a strategic, slower-paced, team-oriented game – with room to enjoy alone – and subscription-based gameplay that aims to establish a lasting experience.

The next beta begins December 30 and ends January 2. Sandwiched between those dates will be the arrival of the new trailer. Testing will allow developers to get feedback on how things are coming together both from direct community feedback and the data they collect. While the trailer will introduce things to the larger community of MMORPG players interested in what’s new and evolving.

Embers Adrift available for pre-order, in this period continue to support continued development. If you pre-order by February 2, 2022, you’ll get special titles and early access three days before launch. Also, one benefit of pre-ordering is the availability of test servers. In January, the servers will be open for testing weekends for pre-order customers. With pre-orders now arriving from over 24 countries, there are plenty of players out there who will be testing and shaping the game. Weekend sessions will join the 4th weekly test period with the development team.

To know more about the game, visit Embers Adrift website.

https://www.mmorpg.com/news/embers-adrift-readies-its-first-trailer-and-has-a-brand-new-sneak-peek-2000123950 Embers Adrift read the first trailer and got a brand new sneak peek

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