13 breakout TikTok stars we can’t stop watching in 2021, from Emily Mariko to Khaby Lame

With each passing year, TikTok creator just getting weirder and more ambitious, opening up new routes to going viral on the most popular site in the world (seriously—it’s bigger than Google now).

In 2021, there are established celebrities who have clung to the app—Lil Nas X and Olivia Rodrigo is the inevitable presence, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are there now, and then… whatever Charlie Puth and Jack Black are doing. But beyond those trusted bigwigs is a group of creators who have risen from relative obscurity to dominate our FYP pages. Below, take a look at 13 of the biggest hits this year — because gorgeous, gorgeous girls love it. Soup list.

Emily Mariko (@emilymariko)

Emily Mariko’s charm is either amazing or fascinating (depending on your patience for engaging influencers), but it’s simply unpredictable if you use the app in this year. That’s largely thanks to three little words: salmon rice bowl. The Gulf lifestyle blogger went viral for her questionably simple lunch recipe, which involves smashing leftover salmon into a plate of reheated rice and mixing it with seaweed, mayo, and pellets. properly placed stones. Other than that, the rest of Mariko’s content is pretty straightforward, meaning it’s either completely dreary or downright engaging, depending on whether you’ve watched clips of Mariko cooking and cleaning, mixed up. with mind-numbing ASMR sounds. Obsessions can be confusing to some, but to quote a common TikTok sound, it’s an obsession that doesn’t hurt anyone.

Rachel Sandy (@rachelsandy)

If you’re a fan of cover songs, Rachel Sandy will knock your mind. The 18-year-old Londoner specializes in impersonating pop artists from Lorde, Taylor Swift to Mitski and Phoebe Bridgers, taking elements and clichés from their music and creating parodies that mimic the style. their. It’s a woman’s job: Sandy does guitar, drums, vocals, producer and all the rest, winning fans like Maggie Rogers and Charlie Puth, both of whom admit to the job. Sandy impersonating them was a strange thing.

The Old Gays (@oldgays)

Just call them the Golden Girls for the TikTok age. “Old Gays” is a quartet of friends in their sixties and seventies — Bill Lyons, Jessay Martin, Mick Peterson, and Robert Reeves — living together outside of Palm Springs. They first appeared in promotional videos for Grindr and have since launched a TikTok account, where they mainly engage in various viral trends and dances, along with occasional intimate clips of they share an upcoming journey or reflect on the love in their lives. Their stick strikes a chord: Rihanna loves them, Drew Barrymore has them on her talk show, and there’s even a trove of documentaries about their lives in the works.

Jonathan Graziano (@jongraz)

Forget astrology, forget tarot cards, forget fortune cookies. TikTok’s divine prophecy this year is Noodle, an old dog who has the ability to predict what day will happen by standing upright when Graziano picks him up (“bone day”) or by falling off a bed. his thick body (a “boneless” sentence). The former means that the sun is out, spirits are high, and you should settle for a new day; second means you shouldn’t even bother. Make it viral for our great need for entertainment during a pandemic or just for real cuteness, but either way, Noodle wisdom is an addicting treat this year. .

PinkPantheress (@pinkpantheress)

If you come across a “best of 2021” playlist that doesn’t have PinkPantheress on it, you should take that as a red flag. Just say. The British singer and DIY producer conquered TikTok this year with catchy yet fleeting songs. And what they lack in duration, they make up for with an addictive blend of vibrant lo-fi beats, soothing lyrics sung in sweet, whispering vocals, and a nifty arsenal of songs. UK garage model. Even more amazing is the mysterious image of the 20-year-old girl — taking a page from HER’s book, she initially conceals her identity, only to reveal her full face to viewers after a few months and continued to hide his real name from the public. The music craze the size of a quote led to the release of her debut mixtape in October, to hell with it: a light-hearted debut for what will hopefully be a full-length album in 2022.

Johnny Cirillo (@watchingnewyork)

TikTok is crammed with people who want to be fashion influencers, but most of them look like copycats compared to the Manhattanites featured on “Watching New York.” After initially launching as an Instagram account in 2016, photographer Johnny Cirillo brought his series of photos to TikTok in February, where he curated users’ FYP pages with a sugar-style diary his street. His videos involve him photographing New Yorkers regularly across the city and giving them the paparazzi treatment, no stylists or glamor teams. (Based on Vogue, Cirillo uses a 200mm lens to photograph her subjects, then gets their permission to upload photos and videos online.) They’re real people with a down-to-earth, often eccentric style that will make you feel look like a picky geek by comparison — and can inspire you to be weird at the same time.

“TikTok is crammed with people who want to be fashion influencers, but most of them look like copycats compared to the Manhattanites featured on ‘Watching New York.’”

Gabrielle Williams (@ gabby.jaye)

Gabrielle Williams, a 32-year-old self-taught baker from Georgia, has carved out a niche for herself as “original Disney movie food series creator,” as her TikTok bio says. proudly introduced. Reinventing the iconic Ratatouille from the animated movie began with success first, and since then, she’s brought other treats from childhood movies to life, from beignets. Tiana’s and ‘s gum The Princess and the Frog and Kronk’s spinach from The Emperor’s New Trench to Pizza Planet pizza from Toy Story. It’s part kitchen ingenuity and part nostalgia: a combination that wins over any corner of the Internet.

Dave FitDad Ogleton (@fitdadceo)

If you’re trying to get parents to join TikTok, this is probably a solid entry point for them. Dave Ogleton is a father of six and TikTok comedian employed by a wellness coach who became famous for his family-friendly dad jokes. His “No Dummy” series begins with a summary of a question he asked one of his kids, along with their quirky answers. He then continued, “I said ‘No, you idiot’” with an always exasperated pause and went on to deliver an even funnier story. It’s all done with a straight face and skewed distribution, and punctuated by dramatic sound effects that make the whole thing more subdued.

Emily Zugay (@emilyzugay)

The most savvy TikTok creators know that engaging brands is a surefire trick to go viral, and Emily Zugay took that to the next level this year with a fun redesign of her brand logo. . “I graduated from college with a design degree, and I redesigned some popular logos that I think we can all agree are ugly,” Zugay says in the September 8 video that begins it all. chief. In her videos, Zugay critiques and then redesigns the logo in a monotone, emotionless voice, and her graphic design “expertise” covers basically every major brand you can think of. to get into the game — from the NFL, NASA to Amazon and Apple. Zugay was even hired to design the “Ugly Holiday Trophy Collection” for Panera this year, so being ugly is great (and profitable) now.

Chef Puff (@thatlittlepuff)

OK, so you have kitchen crazes like the aforementioned Gabrielle Williams taking over TikTok, and then you have… Chef Puff. Here’s a two-year-old ragdoll cat (yes, seriously) that has amassed over 20 million followers (again, seriously) with clips of him “cooking” and trying different foods. Weirdness works on TikTok, and Chef Puff is living proof.

Francis Bourgeois (@ francis.bourgeois)

In a plot what is the actual word Paddington 2, a train-loving boy who grows up as a pre-adolescent teenager who is embarrassed by his passion for trains, then becomes a young man reclaiming his obsession for the sake of his those around. Francis Bourgeois is a British train enthusiast who created TikToks of train adventures across the UK, teaching his nearly 2 million followers all about locomotives, route, etc. It’s healthy fun, nerd; Bourgeois giggled when he spotted a rare train, and his enthusiasm — shooting himself through odd camera angles with a GoPro — was contagious. What’s more, he’s become a role model for not suppressing your passions to conform to the norm. Go away, Francis.

“Academy Awards, listen. This gem of a TikTok account posts gripping dramas about murder, adultery, religion, and other famous scandals.”

SylvanianDrama (@sylvaniandrama)

Academy Awards, listen. This gem of a TikTok account posts gripping dramas about murder, adultery, religion, and other famous scandals. The difference is the toy Vids Star Sylvanian Families, a line of collectible animal figurines created in Japan in the 1980s. This account is the brainchild of Thea von Engelbrechten, a 19-year-old teenager. from Ireland, who used Oscar-worthy costumes and sets for short, watch-worthy dramas starring little forest creatures. Ever wanted to watch a little rat spiral because her husband (a cow) is cheating on her, then cheer the rat when her new lover (a rabbit) drives his car him at the cheating cow’s wedding to his new wife — all with the soundtrack to “Mr. The bright side?” Then you’re in luck.

Khabane Lame (@ khaby.lame)

And finally, you can’t have a 2021 TikTok synopsis without mentioning Khaby Lane, who is currently the second most popular user on the app, just behind Gen Z queen Charli D’Amelio, who born in Senegal and living in Italy, first used TikTok to post clips of him dancing and watching video games. Regular fare. Then earlier this year, he started mocking the overly elaborate life hack videos, which catapulted him to viral fame. His videos begin with a clip of a ridiculous lifestyle assault — a simple task performed in an unnecessarily complicated way — then cut into Lame reacting to them with a wordless shrug; he is basically the embodiment of “SMH”. His combination of cryptic humor and silent communication has made him a global phenomenon, and he’s scored with everyone from Naomi Campbell, Greta Thunberg to Ed Sheeran. Charli is shivering!

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